IK PILATES STUDIO is not just a beautiful room with exclusive equipment, it is a whole story filled with content and meaning.  

First of all, this is a story about love. About love for everything that you do, starting from the very idea of ​​creating a place where leaving the whole whirlpool of life outside the door, you can here and now make your body better and stronger, and your mind brighter and freer. And ending with the implementation of this idea: opening a studio in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail and made with a desire to be the best. The atmosphere of the studio, which is mainly focused on personal training, is the best fit for thoughtful work with the body and the mechanics of its movements. The studio space is filled with light and energy. Decorated with taste and a sense of beauty, it inspires to embark on the path of self-improvement. 

Secondly, this is a story about care. That's why we chose Merrithew, the world-renowned leader in premium smarter body workout equipment, to equip the studio. Because when you want to take care of those you love, you always choose the very best: the best, safe, comfortable, ergonomic, beautiful and functional. IK PILATES STUDIO contains the entire line of Merrithew studio equipment, which is an indisputable advantage, since it allows you to perform the entire existing repertoire of exercises according to the Pilates method and work out the whole body in all planes.  

In addition, our story is a story about responsibility. We want the time spent with IK PILATES STUDIO to be not only pleasant, but also as beneficial as possible for the health and physical fitness of our clients, which is why we use the most effective and safe methods to improve health and quality of life. Our trainers are specialists trained by the international company Polestar Pilates who are in love with their work. We try to approach our work not formally and not just conduct training, but also share with our clients knowledge about the correct and healthy movement.  

And of course IK PILATES STUDIO is the story of the Pilates Method. It was the desire to convey to a wide range of users the essence of this excellent system and the desire to give customers the opportunity to experience its effectiveness firsthand that inspired the creation of the studio. Highly qualified trainers and an exceptionally full range of equipment makes it possible to experience the inexhaustible variety of Pilates training. Along with Pilates, the studio also uses other movement training techniques.